It’s all about the people

At Open Vanatage we believe that true success comes when we achieve together. Once part of the OV family, you gain and are part of a highly skilled team. One where everyone pulls together to deliver world class solutions, whilst having fun and learning along the way.

About the OV family

our culture

We have a work hard play hard attitude at Open Vantage. We take our responsibility to our clients very seriously, but also understand that downtime is very important. It’s all about work/life balance and we are constantly striving to achieve this for all staff. We are a family and look after one another as if we were.

flexibility & accountability

Being advocates of technological advancements, we understand the importance of migrating towards the modern way of working. Remote working is now the new way of working, however, we at Open Vantage advocate for this by coupling remote working with accountability. It all comes down to the self-starter mentality, trust, freedom and putting the parameters down for “self-governing” growth.

people-centred software

People get things going and make it happen. Our success and wealth are defined by our people. Working side by side, day in and day out, with a common goal, where we live and breathe comradery, which means helping those around us, celebrating achievements together and more importantly, facing challenges together.

Work hard. Play hard.
Create memories.

At Open Vantage everyone works together to deliver solutions and we truly believe we are only as strong as our weakest link, therefore true success comes when we all achieve together, not individually.

our values

teamwork & collaboration

We achieve more when we collaborate and work together, and in doing so we develop as a team and evolve faster than anyone could alone.

how this guides us

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. At OV we solve complex business problems. We know that it takes more than one brilliant mind to achieve a goal, especially as the issues we’re trying to solve become more complex, no single person has all of the information, context, and skills needed. It takes a team for great ideas to come to life. We work as a team and can achieve far more than any individual working alone. We understand that no one is too should be too proud or too great to stop and help those around them.

Working together promotes fast development. We understand that collaboration streamlines effective communication, faster problem solving, and upskilling, in the workplace and provides everyone the opportunity to feel recognized and validated in their contribution to our team. We understand the right kind of ambition is the ambition for the company’s success with one’s own success coming as a by-product of the company’s victory.

excellence & accountability

We own what we do and always aim to be outstanding, and in doing so we satisfy our customers with superior quality, value and service.

how this guides us

Each of us is responsible for our words, our actions, and our results. We are responsible for our actions, behaviors, performance and decisions. We recognize that other team members and our business’s performance depends on the results of our work and the commitments we make. Every mail, meeting, or work deliverable is our CV.

We focus on the user and the rest will follow. We focus on providing the best user experience possible. Whether we’re designing a new feature, tweaking the look of an existing feature, managing customer requirements, we take great care to ensure that we will ultimately serve the customer the best experience.

respect & communication

We value each other and communicate with respect and professionalism, and in doing so we build trust – the foundation of action, quality, and substance.

how this guides us

By respecting customers, suppliers and coworkers it helps us to build a better work environment. We ensure people feel heard and valued, which leads to the entire team being more productive and solving customer requirements. Working on our emotional intelligence as a team we will help create a respectful atmosphere. We aim to uplift our coworkers and show them they are important to the team.

We actively listen to each other and communicate clearly and respectfully. We listen carefully to our customers and coworkers, to understand what they are actually trying to say and not to respond. We pride ourselves in understanding and extrapolating requirements.

courage & innovation

At Open Vantage we encourage innovative thinking and problem solving, and in doing so we develop and expand our professional capabilities.

how this guides us

To step outside of one’s comfort zone. We have the courage to try something new, particularly when we have not done it before, the courage to trust our colleagues, and the courage of voice, to tell the truth no matter how hard it may be for others to hear. When something needs to be done, we step up and take the ownership to actually do it. We take responsibility to improve things when problems are identified.

Thinking outside the box. We are innovative and look outside the box to resolve problems. We look for new opportunities to improve processes and problems within our business, our clients businesses’ and the work that we do.

continuous learning & improvement

We are humble enough to understand there is always room for improvement, and in doing so we take ownership in growing our abilities.

how this guides us

We see being great at something as a starting point, not an endpoint. We set ourselves goals we know we can’t reach yet, because we know that by stretching to meet them we can get further than we expected. We know there is always room to improve and we actively work towards improving our processes, our skills, and our products.

We always aim to level up. We aim to upskill our current abilities and reskill new abilities so that we can grow our careers and always improve what we do.

Join our team

React Developer

React Developer

Any unit of code that can be evaluated to a value is an expression.
Intermediate - Senior Position
Duration: Permanent
Main Skills Needed: JavaScript frameworks - React, Angular.
Bonus Skills: React Native, GraphQL

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