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As the world evolves, so does business – specifically the technology you need to enable your competitive advantage. Our mission is simple: “to create an environment that fosters lifetime relationships, empowering our customers and our talent, to design and develop world-class software”.


At OV everyone works together to deliver solutions and we truly believe we are only as strong as our weakest link, therefore true success comes when we all achieve together, not individually.

Values of the
OV citizen

We believe in people-centred software, the power of technology, and ultimately the success that comes from a collaborative effort. It will feel as though we are truly building something together. Our objective is to create a relationship that lasts a lifetime. The experience you could expect from the OV team is to work with an excited and curious group of problem solvers that will become very much a part of your business.


The OV nation

Our culture

We have a work hard play hard attitude at Open Vantage. We take our responsibility to our clients very seriously, but also understand that downtime is very important. It’s all about work/life balance and we are constantly striving to achieve this for all staff. We are a family and look after one another as if we were.

Flexibility and accountability

Being advocates of technological advancements, we understand the importance of migrating towards the modern way of working. Remote working is now the new way of working, however, we at OV advocate for this by coupling remote working with accountability. It all comes down to the self-starter mentality, trust, freedom and putting the parameters down for “self-governing” growth.

People-centred software

People get things going and make it happen. Our success and wealth are defined by our people. Working side by side, day in and day out, with a common goal, where we live and breathe comradery, which means helping those around us, celebrating achievements together and more importantly, facing challenges together.


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