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From startups to large enterprises, we love building complex, game-changing software. With a culture of personal growth, learning and training, our agile team of industry-leading software engineers will ensure we deliver stable, secure, and flexible solutions, on cutting edge technologies

OV provides full-cycle software development services, designed to help you grow your business, increase your return on investment, and one-up the competition. In order to optimise, innovate, and achieve business goals, you require a partner that understands your business, all the processes within it, and can translate them into world class solutions.

OV’s development steps

Agile development process


There is no need to spin your wheels. With a complete set of user journeys, prototypes, and technical specifications, from the Design Lab, the development team begins agile sprint planning. The entire technical team including architects, product owners, and developers will break down the requirements into units of work, planned into a two week work cycle called a “sprint”. This process is very important, and we encourage clients to be involved, as the team uses these sessions to gain insights into complexities of the use cases they need to solve, they lean on fellow team members to brainstorm the best outcomes, and then commit to a set amount of work for the next two weeks.


Focus is key. To ensure we gain the best possible velocity on the development items, we do our best to avoid interruptions during sprints. To achieve this whilst still having visibility on progress, we enforce a project “stand up” every morning with the team. These quick sessions are used to raise issues and share progress with the team. Should any problem arise, the project manager assigned to the project will do their best to unblock the issue for the developer.


Test, test, and test again. Testing is a key part of our development process. This phase in most cases runs in parallel with development. We put a lot of emphasis on ensuring the developers write automated tests for each unit of work delivered where possible. This upfront effort becomes beneficial later in the project when components are brought together and to minimize the risk of regression testing when the project is live. Manual tests are also continuously conducted by the Testing Lab on all units of work.


Work smart not hard. The key to having a good velocity on the software development pipeline is to automate as much as possible. OV Devops includes build automation for fast deployments, continuous delivery for quick feedback, version control, static code analysis for best practice and security standards compliance, and pull request verification by other team members.

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Steyn City App


MyAko / E-learning solution offering learning & development, performance management and real time dashboards.

Electric Blue Design

Access Control

An access and monitoring solution that create access codes either manual or generated with dynamic and custom workflows. 

Pro Touch Application

Warehouse Link

A solution to optimise any warehouse. Manage your workflows, orders, transportation schedules and load planning.

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