CEO Message


January 29, 2021

Dear OV Family,

To all our clients, our partners, and our talent. I would like to thank you for your confidence and trust in Open Vantage throughout 2020. It was most certainly a learning curve for all. For many small businesses the requirement to be agile and adapt to the current economic environment – decreasing budgets, leaner staff compliments, shortened timelines, cash flow challenges, a weakening currency and a lack of facetime – has felt like running into a headwind. But for the OV team the hardest steel is forged in the hottest fires. What did 2020 teach us? What do we focus on for 2021?  

People-Centred Software. 

People make things happen. People define our success. The wealth of Open Vantage lies in its people. Working together as one team, with a common goal, where each person is willing to help those around them. Our people are the driving force behind our success and growth. We celebrate each accomplishment together, but more importantly we face each challenge collectively. 

More Bang for your Buck. 

Work smart not hard. There is very little room for rework and inefficiencies. In order to offer the fine dining experience at fast food prices the entire organization must be involved in creating an optimum and integrated customer experience whilst streamlining the entire software value chain. We know that our success is dependent on ensuring that our customers are successful, and we are privileged to help some of the world’s most innovative organisations deliver new technologies, processes and a better customer experience to their customers. It’s about developing lifelong relationships with our customers. In these challenging times we must not underestimate the power of referrals or word of mouth.

Create a Modern Day Work Environment.

The slow migration to remote working within the global business world was in progress before C19 came into the picture but the pandemic introduced a new urgency. In our tech-connected world the flexibility of home working is an attractive proposition for many. But what else is required to keep talent aligned? Accountability – It’s all up to you. “Don’t tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and let them surprise you with the results.”– Phil Knight (Nike founder). It all comes down to the self starter mentality, trust, freedom and putting the parameters down for “self-governing” growth. 

Technology is changing. Keep up. 

OV is a technology and innovation driven organization. In our pursuit to be in alignment with the latest trends in technology we need to continue placing huge emphasis on learning, upskilling, and shared knowledge between our team and our clients. Technology is more than just another tool, it is foundational to every business’ strategy. We say this because we’ve seen how the right solutions, such as those we provide, make customers more competitive, more profitable and more agile. 

To Conclude… 

Against all odds, 2020 was a good year for Open Vantage. As a team we’ve done an incredible job of keeping safe and navigating the storm. Skillful pilots gain their reputation from tempests. Knowing we have been succeeding and will succeed, knowing that we are working towards perfection, is enough on it’s own to be upbeat and positive. 2020 has played an instrumental role in defining our mission statement –

To create an environment that fosters lifetime relationships, empowering our customers and our talent, to design and develop world-class software.”